Legal declaration

1. Copyrights

The website of Hotel Móló is copyrighted.

Text sections, pictures, graphics, animations and sound files on the website of Hotel Móló, as well as their surroundings and other intellectual works on the website are legally protected and are protected by intellectual property laws. These works cannot be used or displayed on other websites without the prior written permission of Hotel Móló.

Exceptions are pictures that Hotel Móló designates as copyright free. Certain pages of the internet presence of Hotel Móló may include pictorial, graphic or other elements that are legally protected by their respective owners, so it is recommended for the users to refrain from the unauthorized use of these elements.

2. Rights of the user

The user may request information about the handling of his/her personal data and may request the correction of his/her personal data or may request their deletion with the exception of the data handling cases governed by statutory law.

Upon the request of the user, Data Manager shall provide information about the data he has processed, about the purpose of the data management, its legal basis and duration, about the name of the Data Manager, his address (premise), and about the activities related to the data management and about the entities that have received the data and the purpose thereof.

The user may object to the handling of his or her personal data, in case
• the processing (forwarding) of the personal data is only necessary to enforce the rights or legitimate interests of the Data Manager or the data receiver,
• the processing or forwarding of the personal data is done for direct business acquisition, for Gallup polling or for scientific research;
• the exercise of the right of objection is made possible by law.

The Data Manager – with the simultaneous suspension of the data processing – shall examine the objection within the shortest possible time but no later than within 15 days, and to inform the applicant of the result of the examination in writing.

3. . Legal remedies for the user

In the event of the violation of the rights of the user, he/she may sue the Data Manager at court.

In case the user does not agree with the decision of the Data Manager made about the objection of the user, he/she may also turn to court within 30 days counted from the receipt of such notice.

Data Manager is obliged to pay compensation for any damage caused to others by unlawful handling of the user’s data or for the breach of the technical data protection requirements.

Please note that with the registration on the website of the Hotel Móló, you acknowledge the contents of our privacy statement about the protection and use of personal data, and you consent to the use and processing of your personal data in accordance with the contents of this very declaration.